01 January 2011

Mid-Season EPL Prediction Contest Update

Here are the standings in the season-long EPL prediction contest, small numbers mean a better prediction:

76 Eric144
78 Sandbarrs
78 Max
82 emowatt48
84 perransounds
84 Maher S. Hoque
86 Ian Blanchard
86 n-g
86 bernie
88 Naïve******************
88 Adrian
88 Mark
88 GSW
90 Craig 1st
90 Roger
92 Reiner
92 Lu
96 faithandenvironment

The numbers represent the summed errors (square root of the squared difference between prediction and Jan 1 standing). If the season were to end today, nine participants would have skill beyond the naive forecast (seen in the image at the top of this post), 8 would not.  Lots of games left to be played.

Happy New Year to all!!