21 December 2010

Beyond the Annual Climate Confab

My latest column for Bridges is up, in it I provide an assessment of the Cancun climate conference.  You can read it here or listen to it here in mp3.  Comments welcomed.

As usual the entire issue is worth a read.  In it you can read about the panel discussion with Alexander Ochs and David Goldston at the Austrian embassy in Washington, DC last week (below).
Below is a picture of me explaining to Alexander the reasons why St. Pauli will stay up this season, despite being on the brink halfway through.  He does not look convinced.
And any guesses as to who are the two recognizable people in the audience who are in this photo (hint: not the lady sleeping in back!)?
Finally, here is me and my favorite science policy blogger.
It was a really fun night, not only with fine drinks and delicious food from Austria, but with an engaging discussion as well.  I am grateful to Ambassador Prosl, Phillip Maxgut, director of the OST, and the Austrian embassy staff for putting it on -- Fr√∂hliche Weihnachten!!