03 May 2013

Blog Break

This blog is going to go silent for the summer, as I turn my attention to completing the 2nd edition of The Honest Broker.

I'll keep up my blogging at The Least Thing and my periodic column at The Breakthrough Institute. You can also find me on Twitter @RogerPielkeJr.

Have a nice summer and tune back in here in the fall!


1 Aug: Morgan Bazilian and I have a new paper out, Making Energy Access Meaningful" in Issues in Science and Technology. It is here in PDF.
29 July: My recent talk at Columbia University -- "Climate Policy for a High Energy Planet" is now on YouTube.
28 July: I am quoted in the Boulder Daily Camera on Boulder's emissions reductions goal. Here are my full comments provided to the reporter @Meltzere.
18 July: Here (PDF) is my written testimony from Senate EPW yesterday. Here is the video, my testimony is at 2:59 and Q&A at 3:04.
17 July: I am testifying tomorrow before the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. After the hearing I'll post up my written testimony plus a PowerPoint file with all the graphs.
12 July: Earlier this week I wrote a piece for The Breakthrough Institute on the stagnation in the growth of carbon-free energy consumption worldwide. Here is a neat graph that improves upon the presentation.
3 July: On July 11th I'll be speaking at Columbia University in NYC, the title of my talk is "Climate Policy for a High Energy Planet." I'll post up the video of the talk when available.
1 July: I have a piece up at The Breakthrough Institute where I update my 2009 analysis of the UK Climate Change Act.
5 June: I have a piece up at The Guardian on public understanding of uncertainties and technological aids in sport refereeing.
4 June: For The Guardian, I provided a quick update on my 2009 paper on UK decarbonization targets. Still impossible to meet without accounting tricks or other means.
3 June: The CU/CIRES Center for Science and Technology Policy Research has a new director. Thanks much to Bill Travis for leading us these past five years!
1 June: Here is an unpublished to the FT on why there is no such thing as a carbon cap
24 May: I have a piece up at the Political Science Blog of The Guardian: "Have the Climate Sceptics Really Won?"
21 May: Our paper on normalized tornado damage is discussed at The Atlantic and The Washington Post
15 May: I have a review of Michael Levi's The Power Surge up at The Breakthrough Institute
15 May: My latest Bridges column is out: Overcoming the Tyranny of the Stylized Fact