14 January 2011

Another Deal for Joe Romm

Joe Romm shows up in the comments of an earlier thread and makes a request of me:
Now it's time for you to concede that R&D alone can't possible deliver on the massive scale in the timeframe needed to achieve the stabiliation at around 450 ppm CO2 that we both agree on.
Joe obviously hasn't done his homework, so I have, once again, offered him a deal:
While you are free to define a "wedge" however you like, you are not free to assign to me views that I do not hold.

I am happy to concede that "R&D alone" cannot result in low stabilization goals (in the same way I will will concede to you that the earth is not flat, ManU is thus far undefeated this season and 2+2 = 4).

In fact, if you actually read what I have written, you'd already know that (according to Brad DeLong you review books without reading them, tsk tsk).

So let me extend an offer -- I will send you a free copy of The Climate Fix. In return you will agree to read it and write up a review which I will post here on my blog, unedited. Be as critical as you like, but don't make things up.

Until you do so, you then agree to stop mischaracterizing my views simply because you do not know what they are.

If these terms are unfair, then just explain. Deal?