14 October 2010

IPCC Reform? Transparency Needed

[UPDATE 10/15: More from Tol.]

Richard Tol offers his views of decisions that may have been made about the future of the IPCC in response to the IAC Review:
The IPCC meeting in Busan is over.

The first message was from Chris Field, co-chair of WG2, reassuring all authors that the decisions made were in the best interest of the IPCC -- without even explaining what those decisions were. Although one could interpret this as a classic example of paternalism, let's give Chris the benefit of doubt and assume that he was tired after an intense meeting and in a rush to the airport.

BBC and Reuters offer some detail into the decisions made: a committee was formed to look into the matter.

Another day, another farce in climate land.

Cheers in all the wrong places.
It would be extremely useful for the IPCC to provide a simple report indicating its response to each of the IAC recommendations. For those who may have missed it, here is a list of those recommendations.  Perhaps an intrepid reporter will ask the IPCC to provide this information.

In my opinion, absent this information, along with a justification for why the IPCC decided to ignore advice that the IAC provided, the institution will remain deeply troubled.