27 October 2010

Interview with Spiked

Spiked Online has a really great article up by Rob Lyons about The Climate Fix.  Here is an excerpt from the introduction:
There is now little prospect of a global, Kyoto-style deal on emissions targets, and the IPCC - the body supposedly providing unbiased assessments of the world’s climate future - has been fully exposed for the political operation it always was.

Yet it is also still the case that the majority of scientists in this area do think that humans are influencing our climate in potentially negative ways, even if most of them would distance themselves from the hysterical claims about eco-geddon that were made in the past. If the policymaking process has hit a brick wall, is there a way to tackle that possible problem of climate change that might actually make some headway?

This is the question that lies at the heart of Roger Pielke Jr’s new book, The Climate Fix.
Have a look.