14 October 2010

Upcoming Speaking Events

I'll be speaking on The Climate Fix and climate policy in San Francisco, Seattle and Tempe over the next week.  Details here:

October 15, 2010
San Francisco, CA | 11:30 AM
SF Commonwealth Club Office: The Climate Fix?

October 18, 2010
Seattle, WA | 7:30 PM
Town Hall Seattle: Repairing Climate Policy

October 19, 2010
Tempe, AZ | 7:00 PM
Changing Hands Bookstore: Meet Roger Pielke, Jr.

Here are some details on tomorrow's lunch talk in San Francisco:
The Climate Fix?
Roger Pielke, Professor, University of Colorado

What’s the most efficient way to minimize the impacts of climate change? Public policy? Massive funding of new technology? Buying off emerging countries that will soon emit most of the world’s carbon pollution? Pielke, who is affiliated with The Breakthrough Institute, is critical of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. He’ll explain why and offer his take on the state of climate science. 
 Details on the other events, and ones to follow will appear on this site soon.