01 November 2010

The Reading Should Come Prior to the Critique

[Update 11/2: Ryan Avent emails to  acknowledge that he has not in fact read my book.  He then seems to want to further debate its content.  I'll pass.]

In my classes, students who don't do the required reading are easy to spot. The primary indicator is that they don't have a clue as to what the reading actually says, so they wind up saying some foolish or embarrassing things.  Ryan Avent, who blogs at The Economist, finds himself in exactly such a spot.

In a blog post critiquing my book, The Climate Fix, he carefully explains that instead of what I "pretend" to argue in the book, I should instead have been calling for
  • A low but rising carbon tax
  • With proceeds invested into things that show immediate benefits to the public
  • That I should argue that the environment and economy are not trade-offs
Damn, why didn't I think of those things?  Some helpful advice: Read the book before critiquing.