19 October 2009

"brad" is Brad DeLong

Brad DeLong emailed me with a verbatim version of comments entered on my post about his attack-by-proxy on me by someone named "brad". I had assumed that "brad" was not Professor Brad DeLong because "brad"'s comments were so sophmoric and inane, but apparently they are one and the same person. Here is how a Berkeley professor represents himself on a colleague's blog:
Attack-by-proxy: "The thing about a Roger Pielke Jr train wreck is that you just can't look away."

Attack-by-misrepresentation: "I do remember that what knocked my view of your work over the edge was one of your attacks on Hansen."

Attack-by-hand waving: "Game, set, and match..."

Attack-by-calling-names: "May I just say that Roger Pielke is simply insane?"
And this guy is a widely-respected professional? Wow.