05 October 2009

Better Come Prepared

UPDATE: Dot Earth on the debate.

If you want to know why Steve McIntyre has a large following and the respect (often begrudging) from many professionals, you need look no further than his latest post on the Yamal controversy. Some people won't like his tone and others won't like how his work is used and spun in the political process. All fair complaints, but they are largely a side show to the substantive issues. And so long as Steve is delivering detailed, systematic and devastating substantive arguments -- and yes this post is all three -- he will continue to have a following and earn respect (however begrudging).

Anyone coming to this fresh who compares McIntyre's latest dissection with the recent screed from Real Climate will come to a similar judgment, I'd guess. I stand by my unsolicited advice to McIntyre that he needs to publish his work in the peer reviewed arena if he wants to have his work accepted and included in the mainstream scientific discourse. Meantime, those professionals, such as the guys at Real Climate, who want to do public battle over scientific issues on the blogs had better step up their game, because no matter how much the blog chorus gets whipped up about the tribal aspects of the debate, fair minded people observing events are going to come to a very different conclusion, like it or not.