10 April 2012

Slides from my "Wag the Dog" Talk

Due to a large number of requests I am posting up the slides from my talk yesterday - Wag the Dog (here in PDF). Since my commentary doesn't accompany the slides, the slides alone might be unclear or confusing, so please use the comments to ask questions.

Also, do have a look at these interesting comments over at Dot Earth, especially from Marty Hoerling (NOAA) and Mike Wallace (U of W).  Here is Wallace:
By exaggerating the influence of climate change on today’s weather and climate-related extreme events, a part of our community is painting itself into a rhetorical corner...

I’ve become convinced that many of the editors of the high impact journals are inclined to cast opinion pieces as salvos in the ongoing war between climate change believers and skeptics.
Such comments reinforce the optimistic tone of my talk ... though some of my senior colleagues expressed their view in the discussion that followed that they were not so sanguine. Time will tell, and I'll watch with interest from the vantage point of a scholar studying sports governance ;-)