02 June 2010

Galley Proofs of The Climate Fix

My publisher has asked me to contribute some names of people who should get a copy of the galley proofs of The Climate Fix. If you think that you should be on this list (e.g., by being a book review editor, a journalist, a commentator or columnist, Oprah Winfrey, or such), please email me with your interest and a short explanation why you should be on the list (rpielkejr@gmail.com). Thanks to Basic Books I already have a long list of people to receive the galleys in the US, a list for the UK, but as yet no one elsewhere.

The galley proof is an advance, pre-publication version of the book, and it will be available by next week (I am told). It contains the uncorrected proofs, so it is not final. I turned in my final page proof edits yesterday and there were many dozens of small changes, various minor errors and typos corrected, and one figure was replaced. However, the galleys are pretty close to final.

So if you think that you should receive a galley proof copy in the coming week or so, drop me a note with your contact information and why you should get an advance copy. Thanks!