09 June 2010

Bundesliga ist Best

Yesterday's FT reports that Germany's Bundesliga is the most profitable football league, and which is also in the most healthy financial state (the graph above comes from the FT. Note that Spain somehow got left off). The English Premier League spends 67% of revenues on players whereas the Bundesliga spends only 51%. Contrary to conventional wisdom, the FT reports that:

The survey also found little correlation between pay and league position achieved outside the very top and bottom of England’s top division.

Total revenues across England’s top 92 clubs rose by £100m to more than £2.5bn, though debt levels also increased to £3.2bn.

“We accept that it’s right that revenue finds its way to talent, but we have tried to argue that there needs to be a healthy dose of restraint on the business side,” said Mr Jones.

Following the World Cup, I'll discuss in more depth the relationship of pay and team performance.

In addition to the healthiest finances, Germany also has the most passing, dribbling and goals per game and the highest attendances at matches. The English Premier League may have the best players, but Germany has the best league.