22 June 2010

Early Standing in the World Cup Bracket Challenge

seanb24 5, S. Burrows


1 mboykoff2010 , m. boykoff

1 Scott B, S. Bracey

1 YoungWilliams9 1, G. Williams

1 ischumann 2, I. Schumann

1 rjtklein, R. Klein

1 wild guessing, R. M

1 pielke.heart, R. Pielke

1 seanb24 5, S. Burrows

If you find yourself on the list above that means that your selections are among 9 of 83 brackets to get 3 of 4 teams correct and in order to advance from Groups A and B. I thought I'd better get this up since I may not be near first for long ;-) Look for an update tomorrow after the games.