03 September 2009

Op-Ed for Placement

Consider that the rates of decarbonization in the Indian and Chinese business-as-usual (i.e., no climate policy) scenarios released are far in excess of the most aggressive climate policy laws or pending legislation of the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, United States, Japan, and EU. In other words, India and China are claiming to be doing much, much more to decarbonize their economies than any developed nation.

India's Environmental Minister knows that with India's negotiating stance he has been dealt a good hand, so has dared developed countries to call their bluff. The UK wants no part of that, and has given in meekly:
Ed Miliband, Britain's climate change secretary, hailed India as a potential "deal maker" in the forthcoming talks in Copenhagen for an international treaty to tackle global warming, stating that the country would not face targets to cut its emissions in the near future because it "took climate change seriously".
I've written an op-ed expanding on these issues and summarizing the current state of international climate geopolitics and am shopping it around. Please email me if you are an editor interested in publishing it. I'll post it up here whether published or not.