02 September 2009

A Reader Request

Please provide any pointers to the peer reviewed literature in the comments:
I am a regular reader of your blog, though I have not commented once since your switch over from Prometheus. I am the author of my own blog, The Scholar's Stage, a site that focuses on various issues within the realms of security and international affairs. One of the common themes on my blog is the investigation of the links between climate change and security issues.

It seems to be a rather well known fact that most mitigation proposals would do nothing to change world temperatures until 2050 or so. I see statements like these all the time, (most recently in Tol's report on Mitigation for the Copenhagen Consensus), but I have yet to see the original scientific literature that supports this view.

Do you know where I could find this? I am interested on creating a post on the "sunk" effects of climate change and their ramifications for the security debate, but have been so far unable to find a concise quote from an authoritative source on the subject.

Thank you for your time,

~T. Greer