01 August 2012

Must Reads for a Graduate STS Seminar

Over the next week I will be putting the finishing touches on my syllabus for my fall graduate seminar. I am teaching a new class (new for me, that is) which is part of our Graduate Certificate Program in Science and Technology Policy. The course is an introduction to the social science of science -- which commonly goes under the labels science, technology and society (STS) or science and technology studies (also, STS).

Of course, I have many ideas about what I want to include (too much in fact, as I am sure my students can attest). I have also checked out the syllabus archive at the Science and Democracy Network and the syllabus archive at 4S, both wonderful resources. A core text will be Sismondo 2010 -- An Introduction to Science and Technology Studies (2nd edition).

With this post I am inviting readers to recommend what they think should be on such a syllabus. I welcome input from STS specialists as well as amateurs. What readings -- books, articles, essays, whatever -- are core to the social science of science?