24 September 2010

Foot Drain

Here is an interesting BBC story from the poorly researched subject of the international transfer of footballers:

According to a report from sports marketing consultancy Euroamericas, it has replaced Brazil as the country exporting the most professional players to European and Arab football leagues.

Argentina sold more than 1,700 players last year, almost 300 more than Brazil.

Argentina's trade has grown by almost 800% in five years after European clubs eased restrictions on foreign players.

Last year the football player export business was worth $117m (£74.5m) to Argentina.

A total of 1,716 Argentine players were sold, compared with 1,443 sold by the next biggest provider, Brazil.

Analysts say this is the result of Argentine clubs developing strategies to get funds by selling young players as early as possible in their careers.

Critics say that by selling teenage players before they have even made their local debut will compromise the quality of Argentina's main domestic league in the near future.