11 August 2010

The First Biennial GRC STP Soccer Match MVP

This week I am chairing the Gordon Research Conference on Science and Technology Policy, which has participation of many leading science policy scholars.  I wish I could report on our many interesting sessions, but because we operate under a variation on the Chatham House Rule, I cannot. 

However, I can tell you that today we held the first ever GRC STP soccer match.  After a closely  fought game under the hot, humid sun of New Hampshire, as chair of the meeting, I awarded the MVP trophy from the match to Peter Weingart, who played goalie.  Peter was given an award at the start of this evening's session.

You can see Peter in action during our game in the image above.  Also, there he is on the right in a more scholarly setting.  In addition to being a giant in the field of science and technology policy research, Peter now has this rare honor to add to his resume.  The next match will be in 2014.  Congrats Peter!