07 July 2010

And Then There Were Two

The ESPN Bracket Challenge Group that I set up -- RogersBlogGroup --received 84 entries. We are now down to 2 potential victors, one of whom will receive a signed copy of The Climate Fix. Currently leading is G. Williams, who ranks in the top 1,100 of more than a million entries in the overall ESPN Bracket Challenge (or in the 99.9th percentile!). G. Williams will win with a Dutch victory on Sunday. The other potential winner is A. Michener who wins with a Spanish victory.

My selections are presently in a very respectable tie for 7th place and in the 96.2 percentile overall, and I correctly picked both finalists (as did 8 others in the group). I am happy to report that the readers of this blog are very informed about football (no surprise), with the median ranking above the 60th percentile.

I'll provide a summary of the results on Sunday or Monday, and announce a support group for those like me expecting to suffer Cup withdrawal ;-) I'll also evaluate group performance against the naive baseline predictions that I set up as well as a recap of the performance of UBS, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs. I'll just say this about that -- let's just hope that their football prognostications are not an indication of their financial acumen. More after the final.