24 March 2010

For Academics Teaching in Fall:The Fix Will Soon Be In!

[UPDATE: I've been asked a good question by a professor thinking about adopting the book for fall, and that is, are galleys available for examination. Answer: Sorry, not yet. However, for anyone who wants a sense of the book, I am happy to walk through the volume in a phone chat before any spring textbook ordering deadlines. Just drop me a note.]

My new book, The Climate Fix: What Scientists and Politicians Won't Tell You About Global Warming, will be published late this summer. It will be available in time for use in fall courses. I'll be using it in my first-year graduate seminar.

For those faculty who would like to use it in their courses, I plan on blogging systematically about the book -- sort of virtual book club -- during the fall term and plan to organize the discussion in such a way to be useful to university courses, from undergraduate to graduate levels. I will also be providing assignments and spreadsheets to accompany the discussion.

If you'd like to participate, you can email at pielke@colorado.edu to discuss details and to make requests, or you can just follow along. The book can be pre-ordered at Amazon for $17 andif you are interested in an exam or desk copy, see here. If you are outside the US, the publication schedule will be a bit later and I am happy to tailor discussions to courses on different schedules.

The Fix will soon be in . . .