23 January 2010

Welcome Sunday Times Readers

If you got here from the story in the Sunday Times looking to learn more about the IPCC and its claims about disasters and climate change, welcome.

For background, details and documentation of the issue, I suggest starting with these recent posts:
Please do note that links to my old blog, Prometheus, are dead due to some attacks on that site last week. If you are enterprising you can find the materials via Google's cache.

UPDATE 24 Jan: At the Telegraph Geoffry Lean misinterprets the significance of the disasters story, suggesting that it was about referencing a non-peer reviewed source. In fact it was about referencing a non-peer reviewed source to make a claim that was not true, and contrary to what the peer reviewed literature actually said (and what the non-peer reviewed source said when published).

Comments and questions are welcome, on this or other topics you find at the site.