01 December 2009

An Exchange with Gavin Schmidt

Over at my colleague Ben Hale's blog deep in the comments of a receding thread, Gavin Schmidt of RealClimate and NASA GISS and I have been having an exchange over my recent post on CRU emails and what they suggest about peer review. In that post I criticized Gavin's defense of the comments made in the CRU emails with respect to peer review and he took exception to that criticism. So in the interests of giving Gavin a forum to set the record straight I have asked him the following questions:

1. Was there anything in the emails with respect to peer review specifically, that you find troubling or of concern? A yes or no is just fine.

2. If yes, please explain.

Gavin, I look forward to your responses, and I am sure many others do as well. This comment thread will be strictly reserved for Gavin's responses, questions directed specifically to Gavin and his subsequent responses.