07 December 2009

Heads Up: NPR's On Point

Just FYI, today I'll be on NPR's On Point with Michael Mann (PSU), Juliet Eilperin (Wash Post) and Carroll Doherty (Pew Research Center for People and the Press) for a discussion fro 10-11AM EDT. I'll post up a link to the archive when available.

UPDATE: NPR called back to let me know they won't be able to have me on.

UPDATE 2: Near the end, in response to a caller who complained about hearing only one side of the story you can hear Michael Mann explain that all voices on this subject do get heard, and how his work is celebrated by skeptics. These comments go completely unchallenged in the interview which is one softball question after another. Mann says that it is the role of science to take on those opposed to action, and cites Real Climate as an example. Mann concludes with a passionate call for action in Copenhagen.