22 May 2011

EPL Season Long Contest Winners!

The results are in for the season-long EPL predictions contest:

Eric144 38
n-g 38
Max 40
Ian Blanchard 42
GSW 42
Sandbarrs 44
perransounds 44
Roger 48
bernie 48
Adrian 52
Mark 52
faithandenvironment 52
Maher s. Hoque 52
Craig 1st 58
Naïve 60
Lu 60
emowatt48 64
Reiner 64

Congrats to Eric144 and n-g for their joint victory!  Please contact me by email to give me your address where I should send the signed copies of The Climate Fix. n-g even got the top 5 exactly correct, and only 3 of 17 picked Man U to win it all.  Collectively, Tottenham and Chelsea proved the easiest to pick and West Brom and Birmingham the most difficult, accounting for 27.4% of the total error.

The good news is that 14/17 participants demonstrated skill over the naive forecast, suggesting that I need to develop a more rigorous naive prediction for next season.

For those wanting to participate next year, look back here for EPL and Bundesliga contests in August.  Thanks all!