11 July 2009

Straight Talk

From Rajendra Pauchuri, head of the IPCC, describing on the BBC the G8 agreement on climate change as:
"inept" "sloppy" "ridiculous"
From Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd caught by an open mike in private comments to Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen:
Right now I don't think we are on track to get an agreement at Copenhagen.
NASA's Jim Hansen on Waxman-Markey:
It's less than worthless, because it will delay by at least a decade starting on a path that is fundamentally sound from the standpoints of both economics and climate preservation.
Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh upon returning from the G8:
There is a lot of pressure on India and China on the issue of climate change. We have to resist it.
It would seem that Benny Peiser's handicapping of international climate policy in the Financial Post is on target:
[I]t would appear that after years of inflamed global warming alarm, we are beginning to see a period of sobering-up, where national interests and economic priorities are overriding environmental concerns and utopian proposals.

Is Peiser wrong?

One of these days there just might be demand for an alternative approach.