14 August 2013

Some Advice on Advice

My latest Bridges column is just out, and in it I provide some advice on giving evidence to policy makers, fresh off my Senate testimony last month. Here is how it begins:
Last month I was invited to testify before a hearing of the US Senate's Committee on Environment and Public Works on the science of climate change. It is a privilege to be called upon to share one's expertise with policy makers. Yet most experts, and certainly most academic experts, receive little training in how to engage effectively with policy makers in a formal setting such as an evidentiary public hearing. I am fortunate to have had excellent mentors over the past several decades, who shared with me some key advice for engaging effectively in the policy process. I would like to pass along a bit of their advice, which I have come to appreciate.
To read the rest please go here. Please feel free to come back and offer your comments or critique. Thanks!