08 July 2012

Pop Quiz

What did I miss while away?

Here is one item: In an opinion piece in the NYT I read on the plane today, Timonthy Egan writes:
In March, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned in a special report of “unprecedented extreme weather and climate events” to come. The events are here . . .
Which leads to a pop quiz: If the IPCC predicts events to occur in the 2070s and beyond, and such events are observed in 2012, then this combination of prediction/events makes the IPCC:

A) Wrong
B) Right
C) Even more right

*Extra credit points to anyone who can point to any predictions made by the IPCC SREX report on extremes (the one referred to by Egan) for a period that includes 2012.

**Double extra credit to anyone who can point to any climate scientist who has called out Egan and the NYT for such nonsense.

It is reassuring to see that one can go unplugged for a week and the world remains as it was;-) I had a wonderful holiday, normal service soon to return.