24 August 2011

A Democracy Working

The Economist has a great letter this week from Marc Ginzberg of Rye, NY:
SIR – The process in Congress that led to the deal to raise America’s debt ceiling was not “ludicrously irresponsible” (“Time for a double dip?”, August 6th). Extreme views were passionately expressed, policy positions maintained and pressure from party leaders withstood. But there were no shootings, no riots, no bribery, not even an appeal to the Supreme Court.

Right-wingers opposed to the deal either believed in the correctness of their position or they reflected the ideas of their constituents and want to be re-elected; what is wrong with that? If I had been a dictator, I would have imposed a very different conclusion on the debt-ceiling fracas; so, it seems, would you. But although you may regret the terms that the compromise reached, do not regret the process.
Well said!