08 March 2011

Barca Was Better

Barcelona deserved to go through. The second yellow on Van Persie was a joke indeed, but irrelevant to the outcome.  Hard to believe that Nicklas Bendtner could have sent Arsenal through but mishandled Wilshire's fine effort.   Here is a summary of the domination from Dirty Tackle:
Barcelona beat Arsenal 20-0 in shots, 76%-24% in possession (according to Opta) and 3-1 in actual goals over their Champions League second leg match to advance on a 4-3 aggregate score. Cesc Febragas launched half-joking theories about his allegiances when he set up Lionel Messi's superb first goal (above). Sergio Busquets showed Arsenal how to score against his own team with an own goal in the 53rd minute.
Next stop, Manchester.  Here's hoping for a different result.