12 May 2010

My Favorite Comment on The Hartwell Paper

My favorite comment on The Hartwell Paper comes from a guest post at Lucia's blog:

For people who believe that AGW is a real problem and are frustrated that there is no significant political movement, the authors may offer a new way forward. For people who have resisted AGW on the theory that it is merely a narrow political agenda dressed in overstated scientific claims, the Hartwell paper is an opportunity (challenge?) to join a more affirmative, more open-ended approach.

For all of us who have long enjoyed the vitriol, the thrill of combat and the deeply obsessive nature of climate-debate blogging, the Hartwell approach may be a threat to this cherished form of recreation if people were to start thinking outside the box in this fashion.

Not the end of blog warfare!? That alone will kill the ideas we suggest ;-)