23 August 2009

Papers Referenced in My GEWEX-iLEAPS Talk

Here are the papers that I mentioned explicitly during my talk this morning. Thanks to those of you at the meeting who have mentioned to me that you read the blog!
Dessai, S., Hulme, M., Lempert, R., and R. Pielke, Jr., 2009. Climate prediction: a limit to adaptation?, Chapter 5 in, Adapting to Climate Change: Thresholds, Values, Governance, W. N. Adger, I. Lorenzoni and K.L. O'Brien (eds.), Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp. 64-78.

Dessai, S., M. Hulme, R. Lempert, and R. Pielke, Jr. 2009. Do We Need Better Predictions to Adapt to a Changing Climate? Eos, Vol 90, No. 13, pp. 111-112.

Pielke, Jr., R.A., 2009. Collateral Damage from the Death of Stationarity, GEWEX, May, pp. 5-7.

Pielke, Jr., R.A., 2009 (October). Can One to Five Year Hurricane Landfall and Damage Forecasts Beat Climatology? Environmental Hazards.

Pielke Jr., R. A., D. Sarewitz and R. Byerly Jr., 2000: Decision Making and the Future of Nature: Understanding and Using Predictions. Chapter 18 in Sarewitz, D., R. A. Pielke Jr., and R. Byerly Jr., (eds.), Prediction: Science Decision Making and the Future of Nature. Island press: Washington, DC.