16 August 2009

Ana and the ICAT Damage Estimator

UPDATE: Ana doesn't seem so interesting anymore, but check out Bill.

Above is a screenshot of from the ICAT DamageEstimator showing all historical tropical cyclones that made US landfall that passed within 50 miles of Ana's current position. Here are the summary statistics for the damage from these 10 storms:

Average Damage: $17.399 Billion
Median Damage: $6.340 Billion
Standard Deviation: $23.090 Billion

The low damage was Donna in 1996 with $590M and the high was 1915 Galveston with $75.6B. And of course there is still the possibility that Ana could miss the US altogether. If you want to examine the historical storms in greater depth you canvisit the site hwere you can also export their tracks to Google Earth. You can also display the official NHC forecast cone as well as the tracks from individual models.