05 October 2010

Review of The Climate Fix in the Financial Post

The Financial Post (Canada) has a review of The Climate Fix.  It is a very positive review, and I am especially pleased to see its discussion of the fatally flawed policy architecture of the Climate Convention, which is among the more "wonky" arguments in the book.

Here are a few excerpts from the review:
. . . a new devastating book . . .

. . . Pielke’s review of the science uncertainties is deft and convincing . . .

The Climate Fix makes its way through these and other complex topics effectively and in a clear style. Average readers will learn much, but more important is that it should alert experts and policy wonks to the impossible policy structure that has been imposed on the world’s economy. . .

While there is reason for doubt about entrusting US$150-billion a year to governments to set global innovation agendas, it’s a policy option that’s got to be a lot better than the current UN fiasco.Meanwhile, it’s too bad the thousands of UN delegates in China today don’t have The Climate Fix in their briefcases. The futility of their efforts would become apparent. Prof. Pielke boldly promises that, if he has succeeded in his mission, readers will “never see the climate debate in the same way again.” He has succeeded, I think. There’s still time to get the message out before Cancun.
The Financial Post also has published an excerpt from the book, focused on my discussion of the "iron law" of climate policy.


  1. Can that head still fit through the door? ;-)

  2. Congratulations on the positive reviews! I finished the book a few days ago, and you have definitely influenced my thinking (though your blog prepared me for most of the content of the book.) Now, when I see, for example, surveys showing a spread of opinion among climate scientists, I no longer think "See? There's no consensus!" Instead, I think "How should a policy maker respond to a range of scientific opinion which is admittedly broad, but roughly centered on the IPCC reports?" And it's hard to argue with your answer to that question.

  3. um roger i hate say it but in canada a review fron the FP is akin to a vote of support from the tea party. Are you sure you want to draw this kind of attention :)

  4. It's exciting to see the positive reviews beginning to ramp up. Our new iPad arrives here in Australia tomorrow. The first ebook that will be loaded is the Kindle edition of The Climate Fix.

  5. -3-Fat Bastard

    Thanks for the warning, but I make arguments to convince people, especially those perhaps not predisposed to them (convincing the convinced doesn't take much;-). From that perspective, if my arguments are found convincing to the tea party, that'd be a good thing, no?

    And why the change of moniker here?

  6. Roger,

    I wasn't being entirely serious and very much agree with your aversion to preaching to the choir.

    Wrt to your question, I've taken Richard's advice to heart and decided to spare the real Marlowe the hate mail he'd be getting for finding the 10:10 video funny :)