28 October 2010

The Economist on The Climate Fix: "Bright and Provocative"

The Economist has a very positive review of The Climate Fix.  Here is how it starts:
THE title of this bright and provocative book is knowingly ambiguous; what sort of fix is it about? At least three distinct fixes, it turns out. There is fix-as-dilemma, fix-as-stitch-up and fix-as-solution. Roger Pielke, a professor of environmental studies at the University of Colorado, has useful things to say on all three fixes, and in so doing largely fulfils his aim of providing a guide to the perplexed.
 Read the entire review here.


  1. That did it. After months of hard-sell, I finally caved in.

  2. [suitable announcer's voice]
    Roger "the Iron Lawyer" Pielke!

    Michael "the Devil's Gift" Ma-ann!
    [/suitable announcer's voice]

    I can understand why Dr Curry feels like Alice; this is like some sort of surreal midget wrestling match, but all of the spectators are taking it seriously...

    At least we'll have a good soundtrack ; )

  3. Excellent, congratulations. The Economist is, in my view, probably the best magazine around. Now, if Amazon could just get their act together and deliver the book ........

  4. TCF has finally been dispatched in the UK by Amazon. If you were foolish enough to pre-order the book, then you had the privilege of having Amazon advise you of a delay and pay a price of £18.04. As the book was being dispatched (late) the price for a new purchase with precisely the same delivery conditions plummeted on Amazon to £13.26! I wonder what statistical inference we can take from this model?

  5. Gordon – Oh no, my (for once) well-organised anticipation has been cruelly exploited. The classic “sale the day after Christmas” trick and I fell for it :o). To add insult to injury TCF has now finally arrived, in time for my holiday, but I am stuck in my office in rainy London courtesy of Hurricane Tomas (app right on statistical target?!) hitting the Caribbean. Staying with the statistics there hasn’t been any hurricanes (in that part of the Caribbean) this late in the year since 1896, so at least not entirely foolish of me to book my holiday this time of the year….
    Interesting how selective memory is. I could have sworn that being hit by hurricanes were pretty much an annual event in the Caribbean but looking at “stormcarib” (SVG and Barbados) that hasn’t really been the case at all. “Emily” must have been my first hurricane experience, my rather pragmatic response, as far as I remember,being to go to bed with all my clothes on in case the roof went…….