27 October 2010

Interview with Spiked

Spiked Online has a really great article up by Rob Lyons about The Climate Fix.  Here is an excerpt from the introduction:
There is now little prospect of a global, Kyoto-style deal on emissions targets, and the IPCC - the body supposedly providing unbiased assessments of the world’s climate future - has been fully exposed for the political operation it always was.

Yet it is also still the case that the majority of scientists in this area do think that humans are influencing our climate in potentially negative ways, even if most of them would distance themselves from the hysterical claims about eco-geddon that were made in the past. If the policymaking process has hit a brick wall, is there a way to tackle that possible problem of climate change that might actually make some headway?

This is the question that lies at the heart of Roger Pielke Jr’s new book, The Climate Fix.
Have a look.


  1. Excellent article. If far too generous in accepting the views of climate scientits as being valid or even truthful.

    It is interesting that Spiked is closely connected to the former 'Marxism Today' and its contributors are generally Marxists. I don't know any left wing figure who accepts global warming. That is an important point for anyone who believes in corporate politics and sees AGW as being a left wing issue.

    It was Spiked editor Brendan O'Neill who wrote the brilliant Monbiot science article. Monbiot still seems to believe I am O'Neill (from contributions to his blog), but I am not in the same comedy class and I'm not a Marxist either. O'Neill literally makes Monbiot look like a half wit.

    Monbiot’s metamorphosis


  2. Great article, and thanks Eric for the archived one, very entertaining.

    Good luck with the book, Roger, it certainly is looking like a timely read.

  3. I have Spiked bookmarked, and read them regularly. Their material is a remarkable combination of Enlightenment optimism and and endless repetition of a doctrinaire Emperor's New Clothes attack on Western political elites - including the contemporary Left. They're always complaining about someone else, but never seem to state what they believe in themselves. For all that, their take on things like second-hand smoke and nuclear power is very much my own.

    The people involved do have a habit of brushing aside charges of genocide in places like Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia. Their response to events like the Srebrenica massacre is 'the Bosnians did it too.' As much as I agree with much of their take on modern leftism and loopy environmentalism, it's hard to get past their denial of moral responsibility in these cases.

    So yeah, praise from them is good on this topic, but don't be surprised to hear that Roger is now associating with genocide-deniers.

  4. "eco-geddon"- what a great turn of phrase.

    Roger, I am in about the middle of your book- it is very clear and well written. I wish I could read it for more than a few minutes a day. the only thing better would be to find a way to actualy take one of your classes. My bet is you are a very engaging and challenging teacher. The most surprising thing is how often you describe how the 'eco-geddon' promoters have chosen to overstate the case in order to make sure people understood their message. I am noting the more obvious cases in the margin and the cynicism really shines through, from my pov.

  5. Mark B

    Spiked are the left (Marxists), even if they are sometimes somewhat contrarian as you remarked.

    The tragedy of Yugoslavia can be explained by looking at the war crimes charge sheets and replacing the name 'Slobodan Milosevic' with the name 'Bill Clinton'. The whole affair is a history rewrite of Orwellian proportions*.

    The high powered Anglo American legal team made the mistake of believing Milosevic was comparable to an average Western politician, and he basically wiped the floor with them, despite having no legal help of any kind (he dismissed his appointed team). Even the BBC admitted they never landed a serious punch on him, despite the use of tortured witnesses.

    When he subpoenaed Clinton, his body mysteriously produced an 'antidote' to his heart medicine and he died (according to his family).

    Here is an article on Srebrenica


    *The Germans were also deeply involved and the British are always hanging around (Lord Carrington).