11 October 2013

Graph of the Day: Africa Power Needs

The figure above comes from a post at the Center for Global Development by Todd Moss and Madeleine Gleave. They ask, how much power does Africa really need? Their answer (based on estimates and methods you can read in their post) is ... a lot.

Here is their bottom line:
  • As these countries grow more populated and richer (they are all posting impressive real GDP growth rates), the demand for electricity is going to be significantly greater than the modest targets currently envisioned by the international community.
  • Nigeria’s ambitious electricity expansion plans to reach 10,000 MW are only the tip of the iceberg. To reach Tunisia-level consumption, it will need at least five times that level of generation.
  • Even if Power Africa is a success, there’s a whole lot more pent-up demand out there!
Do read the whole thing.