04 February 2014

A New Professional Masters Program in Science and Technology Policy

After a decade of implementing a graduate certificate program in science and technology policy here at the University of Colorado-Boulder Center for Science and Technology Policy Research, we've decided to take the next steps and propose to the Regents a new masters degree program in science and technology policy.

If successful we could be admitting our first class of students in the fall semester of 2015, but a lot has to happen before that can occur. As part of the proposal process, I am soliciting expressions of interest, support and advice, which you can email to me or enter into the comments.

Specifically, we imagine a 12-month curriculum such as the following:
Fall Semester - 12 hours
Spring Semester - 9 or 12 hours

Maymester Course in Washington, DC - 3 hours

For Credit Internship - 6 hours

Total = 30 hours = 12 months
 Some questions for readers:

Would you enroll in such a program?
Would you consider such a degree as an add-on to a disciplinary MA, MS, MBA, JD or PhD?
If so, what sorts of skills/capabilities/expertise would you like to gain?

Any input welcomed, Thanks!