23 April 2010

Friday Funny

A cartoon by Josh on the UK leaders debate last night. For those interested in an explanation (though the transcript is worth a read for political junkies) here is what Josh says:
The UK Election Second Leaders Debate. An interesting moment on Climate Change. Cameron wisely avoided the science and opted for a skeptical joke about not breathing. Clegg is clearly made of ecologically sound wooden stuff and Gordy...is, well, just himself.


  1. As soon as Clegg started to exclaim "Climate Change is the biggest challenge of us all", not once but several times, I stopped taking him serious. Another talking head.

  2. Nick Clegg is the Evo Morales of the North. He represents the indigenous English upper classes who's vast estates could turn to desert within a generation as a result of global warming.

    He attended the $40,000 a year Westminster School and Cambridge University, presumably thanks to a similar UN scheme to Barack Obama's father.

    Clegg's own father scraped a living as a subsistence banker in the impoverished City of London slums. That's why he is such a strong supporter of Fair trade.

  3. I'm not seeing the Evo connection, or the idea that Clegg is rich and poor at the same time. Seems like his father struggled to pay those fees just so his son might be important one day. Wasn't so daft was he?

    However none of these politicians can be blamed for promoting carbon scare stories because they are getting it directly from the doom-mongering scientists. In Cleggs case, it is via Simon Hughes, who got it by talking to CRU's Phil Jones. Gore was similarly impressed by Hansen's catastrophism. If you have a particular bent to believe that man is mucking up the planet, combined with a poor recollection of the huge number of previous, overblown catastrophe predictions then it's quite easy to be swept along.

    Of course, it's even plausible that the scare story is correct this time. Who knows? We do have a climate system that shows a tendency to be erratic and destroy life and yes we are perturbing it somewhat. It would be the first catastrophe prediction that was ever correct but it only takes one :). My own gut feeling is that if catastrophe ever comes, it will be from something that nobody predicted.

  4. jgdes

    It was humour, following the cartoon funny thing.

    It was perfectly understood at the Guardian. where it was my contribution to giving the information (in a humorous form) that would lead to readers to be not so daft as to vote for someone who had bought their position through privilege. Particularly as he was being marketed as an outsider, in contrast to Cameron who's privilege was well known.

    This is the background of the radical rascal from Wikipedia.

    His half-Russian father, Nicholas Clegg CBE, is chairman of United Trust Bank,[1] and is a trustee of The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation,[2] where Ken Clarke was an advisor.[3] Clegg's paternal grandfather, Hugh Anthony Clegg was the editor of the British Medical Journal for 35 years.[4] Clegg's great-great-grandfather, the Russian nobleman Ignaty Zakrevsky, was attorney general of the imperial Russian senate.[5] His great-great aunt was the writer, Baroness Moura Budberg.[6]

    Leo van de Pas has traced back Clegg's lineage to Johann V, Count of Nassau-Dillenburg which links him to David Cameron as a 16th cousin.[9] Van de Pas claims Clegg is descended from William the Conqueror, Edward I of England and Charlemagne.[9][10]


    He also had a high flying position at the EU. I really don't think his father had to struggle to pay the school fees.

    As for global warming. Everyonewho aspires to be part of the criminal industrial complex must believe in global warming. It is a sine qua non.

  5. "criminal industrial complex"
    Is that a joke too?

    I've seen Clegg now being called a commie, pro-terrorist, part of the upper-crust elite and all things in between. The reason he can't be pigeonholed is because he is honest and mostly talks common sense; a rare beast indeed! If he judges climate policy on cost-benefit as per the nuclear options, then there isn't much he'd actually be able to do anyway.

  6. CIC was in a humorous vain, yes.

    I have never heard Clegg speak, nor read anything he has written, similarly with Cameron, so you may be right about Clegg.

    As for being called 'pro terrorist' and a 'commie', we must frequent very different media outlets.