25 June 2009


NPR has a story on The Breakthrough Institute (where I am a senior fellow) and their views on climate change. It is worth a listen (here) or read (here).

TBI has the best and most comprehensive analyses of the Waxman-Markey Bill available and you can see those here.

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  1. Roger,

    Looking through the TBI archives on Waxman-Markey it strikes me that despite repeatedly referring to the bill as the "Climate Bill" TBI includes no analysis of the bill's effect on the climate...instead preferring to examine the bill's impacts on future emissions. Emissions are not climate.

    As I have shown, no amount of U.S. emissions reduction has any meaningful impact of the projected future course of global climate--unless through achieving the emissions reductions goals we develop new technologies that are safe and globally accepted and distributed.

    That being the case, the details of what Waxman-Markey will or won’t do to U.S. emissions is immaterial. The only thing of import is what it will or won’t do in spawning new technologies.

    It seems that a climate analysis of the “climate bill” would be an important addition to TBI’s impressive collection of reports on Waxman-Markey.