15 June 2009


Over at Real Climate, AP reporter Seth Borenstein calls out Michael Mann and Gavin Schmidt for misrepresenting interviews he did with each of them. Blogs are useful for holding the media accountable, but the directionality can work the other way as well.


  1. Great find; very funny. Loved the terseness with which Seth replied, and the conciliatory tone of Mann.

    Good luck with the blog -- bookmark added.

  2. Roger,
    Welcome to your new home on the web. May you never be caught out like Michael Mann and Gavin Schmidt were. But that’s easy; just keep writing as if your credibility is important. It is.

  3. It can be. And since you pointed out the reporter's response in pointing out that the interview they claimed was long really wasn't, it is also good to point out that Michael Mann apologized to the reporter in his response.