15 November 2012

Roger Pielke Sr. Retires His Blog

Congrats to my dad, who has retired from blogging after more than 7 years. I expect we'll see him comment here and elsewhere as the occasion arises.

I know that his steady efforts to discuss science and challenge claims have been widely appreciated. Please feel free to offer any comments for him here!


  1. This source of broader perspective will be missed.

  2. You two were among a small number of expert sources on climate issues when I started blogging about them in 2006.
    I knew the debate was over - that it was bogus and the data were gamed when Pielke The Young stopped debating it with his father and started to agree more often than not
    I figured Jr. really was at a middle place, at a non-biased position on the science. When he (you) became less of a skeptic of the skeptics, then the debate was over - that much or most was a scam.
    Best wishes to Dad...

  3. Sad to lose that voice, glad to hear that (presumably) he's going to be doing more interesting things!

  4. His review of what we know, don't know, and are unlikely to know was appreciated. His objective perspective free from the influence of consensus and other social and political constructs was welcome. His effort to circumscribe mitigation policies to correlate with uncertainty in knowledge and skill was necessary to ensure an optimal response to risk assessments.

    The conclusion of scientific inquiry should not be socially or politically motivated, nor should it be exploited by special interests for similar personal benefits. The need to preserve the integrity of the only objective methodology to analyze, interpret, and exploit our natural world should not be taken lightly. It is imperative to not exceed the limited frame of reference which necessarily constrains its authentic outlook.

  5. I am sorry to hear that Roger senior is closing his blog. For many years he has presented a voice of reason, logic and careful accuracy (in short, science) that has provided a welcome counterbalance to the exaggerated claims that pass for science elsewhere.

    He will be missed, and I do hope that we may see some guest posts from him at this blog.

  6. Thanks a lot for your effort and time.
    Not that I read every post but when I had the time it was a lot of substance available on a level not available elsewhere.
    Perhaps you could open up your blog for comments on your last posting?

  7. I second Paul Matthews' comments.

  8. Dear Roger Jr & Sr,

    From a long time reader of Prof. Pielke's blog I'll very much miss these updates which, as mentioned above, largely aren't available at other blogs. Perhaps Roger Jr will post some of the most important scientific updates we might otherwise miss?

    Kind regards,
    Alex Harvey

  9. The elder Roger will never stop talking or thinking about the weather. I've learned a lot from him throughout the years...and I've suffered through enough endless cycles of weather news with him on the weather channel to realize -- hey he kind of knows what he's talking about!

    Robert G Pielke, his much much younger brother

  10. This by email from Gregg Suhler:

    "The Answer: Roger Pielke Sr
    The Question: Who's been putting climate science in my climate science?

    with reference to Johnny Carson's TV character Carnac the Magnificent for
    form and to comic W.C. Fields 'pineapple juice' quotation for content."