19 November 2012

Africa for Norway

Check out their website. H/T@Bill_Easterly


  1. Great film.

    Not many people realise Norway is home to one of the most endangered species on earth, the Norwegian Blue Parrot. There are only three left and one of them is in a parrot retirement home.

    This short film is about how the 4th last one died.


  2. Thanks from Norway. And of course it would be even more helpful if they teamed up with Minnesotans for Global Warming. ;-)

  3. Is this meant to be parody? The Norwegians have had at least one thousand years to adapt to their environment. Barring a "green" revolution, they have the energy and resources required to remain warm and dislodge their vehicles from snow banks, drifts, etc.

  4. After my mother's Swedish cousins visited us in the 1970s, my father bought a short wave radio to listen to Radio Sweden. When he finally tuned in the signal and listened, he couldn't figure out what was going on. Every show seemed to be about Africa. Sure enough, every day he listened, all he heard was news about Africa. Whoever ran Radio Sweden had decided that rather than tell people the news from Sweden, they would tell the world what Swedes thought about Africa. 24/7/365. The radio became a dusty doorstop.

  5. Yes, it's a parody. And Norway is not nearly as cold as many in other countries think. (It's been raining here in Oslo today.) And, yes, we know how to deal with snow and cold.

  6. dagfinn:

    They claim their production is funded by "The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad)", which is a government agency. What purpose does this marketing campaign serve?

  7. 6. n.n said...

    "What purpose does this marketing campaign serve?"

    The idea that using outdated sterotypes when considering issues related to developmental aid or charity may not be useful.

  8. Harrywr2:

    So, this is an educational campaign, financed by the Norwegian government, to inform people with good intentions? When you live through the developmental process it seems obvious. I guess what is common sense for some is not at all for others.