21 March 2012

I'm Honored

I've been awarded an honorary doctorate from Linköping University in Sweden. I am very (!) appreciative of the award and look forward to continued collaborations with the excellent interdisciplinary research going on at LiU.

Here is the announcement our Center put up today:
Roger Pielke, Jr., has been awarded an Honorary Doctor of Philosophy from Linköping University, one of Sweden's top universities that focuses on interdisciplinary research and teaching. He will travel to Sweden in late May to attend their graduation ceremonies and receive the award. 
In awarding the degree Linköping noted Roger's "outstanding achievement in interdisciplinary climate research is a bold and refreshing voice in the climate debate. You have taken on public discussions with the IPCC, environmentalists as well as climate sceptics. You are profoundly committed to both use science to critically scrutinize policies and political decisions, and to deeply engage in finding ways of enhancing dialogues between science and policy."
Thanks LiU!


  1. Congratulations, Roger. Well done, and definitely deserved.

  2. Congratulations.
    We ma differ on certain topics, but you deal with integrity and a focus on letting facts speak for themselves.

  3. Congratulations indeed! For how long and on what have you been work with LiU? Details, please, if you are at liberty to disclose.

  4. My next beer will be in honor of Jolly Roger who deserves to be honored for being an Honest Broker! Congrats.

  5. Congrats! The announcement is quite correct.