28 March 2012

Bill Gates on What Will Help Poor Most: Cheap Energy


Abdul Abulbul Amir said...


When the choice came down to helping the poor, or playing to the base and pleasing the crony capitalists, the poor came in second.


Stan said...

I can't get the video to play. But the thought expressed in your title to the post ain't exactly original.

alcheson said...

Cheap energy is indeed the key to helping the poor (along with everyone else as well) and bringing prosperity back to our country. New EPA regulations are driving a stake thru the heart of our economy, killing the poor destroying the middle class. Obama and his catastrophic global warming cronies (Jackson and $8 a gallan gas Chu) have to go.

jcouder said...

Cheap energy and almost zero GHG carbon emissions? How does Gates propose to do that? Heavily subsidized renewables? Fossils + unproven CCS? Nuclear? Who says A must say B.


Given current technology and whats politically acceptable (read nuclear) these are mutually exclusive aspirations. Can he not know that?

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