24 January 2012

Word Clouds of the 2012 SOTU and Republican Response

Text of both speeches from the New York Times and world cloud courtesy of WordItOut (top 100 words, minimum 5 characters).

State of the Union:
Republican response (Governor Mitch Daniels):

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  1. Comment of the SOTU; it was a curious mix of a mythic past and a phantasmagorical future. Bringing jobs making door hardware back to Milwaukee is a good sign of the revival of American manufacturing? Really? If we're competitive in costs with India in making and assembling hardware out of cast metal, surely that is a sign of how far we've fallen, not of a revival. We can't manufacture iPhones, but we're good with door locks.

    If Solyndra and the dozen other failed companies in renewable energy haven't taught us anything about the immediate prospects for clean energy in the US, meanwhile, we're simply not inclined to learn.

    And then there's the debt. $16 tn and nobody's counting. Talk about an unsustainable future.