20 January 2011

Societal Change Happens Fast

Shanghai 1990 vs. 2010.  (h/t Lowy Interpreter)


Robert said...

The changes within 20 years are stunning. Thanks for posting these photos

David said...

And as always, societal change cuts both ways.

I was there a couple of years ago, staying in Pudong (the newly built-up bit on the far side of the river) and while it is fun to zip into town at 430kph on the Maglev, the air is acrid to the point of being scarcely breathable.

madadadam said...

And these changes have done nothing, of course, to the UHI effect!

AJ said...

Not sure if you caught this. I nice chart on the energy intensities and convergence between countries:


Derald J Tucker II said...

It is a very fascinating contrast.

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