14 March 2014

Some News

I'm thrilled to be joining Nate and the excellent team @FiveThirtyEight!


  1. This is for later use:

    ThinkProgress criticizes me:

    "His story in FiveThirtyEight is one that he has written before, in Chapter 7 of his 2011 book “The Climate Fix.” Just like in his article, the chapter argues that increased wealth and development is the principal cause of increased monetary losses from extreme weather events — not more extreme weather from climate change."

    Compare that with IPCC SREX:
    "Increasing exposure of people and economic assets has been the major cause of long-term increases in economic losses from weather- and climate related disasters (high confidence). Long-term trends in economic disaster losses adjusted for wealth and population increases have not been attributed to climate change, but a role for climate change has not been excluded (high agreement, medium evidence)."

    So yeah, I'm pretty comfortable with both my book and piece at 538.

  2. You may be comfortable with your piece at 538, but you neglected to link to it.

  3. Having come over from reading your article and subsequent comments, I hope that you use a well-feathered pillow to cushion the impact of your head repeatedly colliding with a brickwall. A familial heirloom, if you will.

  4. Troublemaker!

    (Seriously, though, congratulations)

  5. Judging from the 4 or 5 posts on his Facebook page, your new gig with Silver has certainly upset Michael Mann.

  6. Also for the followup:


    "RP Jr’s post at 538 has elicited what is probably the most reprehensible and contemptible smear job that I have ever seen of a scientist...."

  7. William Connolley also has a surprisingly (to me.. ) supportive post :


  8. Hi-

    I like your blog and other materials I have read, and I am a fan of Paul Krugman as well. In his recent post, criticizing Silver's new 538, he referred to you as a "known irresponsible skeptic." I found that apalling.

    It is a horrible piece of ad hominem argument, doubly depressing because it is just the sort of thing Krugman rightly criticizes in his opponents of the political right. It is dispiriting to see a public academic of Krug's stature engage in the junior high school level mud slinging when his pet issue, about which he appears to do very little reading, is on the line.

    Just fyi, I left him a severe comment :-). Keep up the good work.

  9. Roger: Mann has highlighted this piece on his Facebook page: http://grist.org/article/111-ways-nate-silver-hire-roger-pielke-jr-doesnt-like-you/
    The problem is that the quotations Brad Johnson selected do nothing to support his argument that you repeatedly make " harsh criticisms of the climate science community, impugning the motives, ethics, and honesty of climate scientists and communicators. " It is fascinating to see how selective perception infects judgments about umpires and refs as well as perceived political adversaries. It does seem that your joining with Nate Silver is creating a lot of anxiety. Keep calling them as you see'em.

  10. @iamyouasheisme: You assume the right does these things. I think you'll find the right, generally, is more responsible and tolerant of differing views than the left.

    The problem, I have found, is the left reads what others on the left say about the right but rarely reads what the right actually says.